Looking for a Brow Lift in London? Dr.Frati is one of London’s most respected plastic surgeons. a lady after a brow Lift London Trusted by those who require the highest level of service, celebrities, influencers, TV stars, you name it, Dr. Frati has worked with them all.

Situated in the world famous Harley Street, Dr.Frati has both the technical abilities, along with the experience to deliver the best brow lift results, in the safest of fashions.

If you require a brow lift in London, Dr. Frati is always one to be considered. if yo wish to find out more, then either visit our official brow lift page, or read on.

What our Brow Lift London Team can do for you?


A Brow lift, or a forehead lift, is the process of lifting the tissue of the eyebrows and surrounding skin, creating a more youthful look. Issues that may arouse leading you to consider a brow lift could be ageing, youthful and fast lane lifestyles such as smoking and drinking, perhaps an unfortunate accident and you may require face reconstruction, or maybe you are unhappy with your natural look and have lost a lot of self-esteem and confidence over the years, and you would like to regain a positive mental state.

Dr. Frati and his London team of eyebrow specialists can resolve any issues that may force you to consider a brow lift. Our highly qualified, and helpful professionals are able to provide honest advice from the get go, and be there for you during surgery, and even through aftercare. We haven’t built such a respectable reputation for no reason!

How can Dr. Frati Provide this high-quality brow lift service in London?


Dr. Frati’s reputation speaks for itself. He has dedicated his professional life to cosmetic surgery. From graduating with honours at the University of Rome, to his numerous clinics around the UK, Dr. Frati has always sought to become the best in his field. This work ethic, together with his research into the most cutting-edge technologies at the forefront of the cosmetic world, has allowed him to create the best possible service for his customers.

With astonishing results, minimal scarring and optimum recovery times, you can guarantee you’re in amazing hands with Dr.Frati. Further to this. Dr. Frati cares. He understands how insecure women can feel about going under the knife and so his warming nature is there to be seen from your initial consultation, and also your aftercare.

Get in touch for our Brow Lift London services

If you are ready for the next stage in your brow lift journey, and wish to enuire about some advice or you’d like to book an initial consultation with Dr. Frati, then please get in touch. You can call out London offices on 020 3633 2619 or fill out our contact form. One of our friendly team will be sure to get back to you with all the answers you require.