Facelift Manchester: Dr. Frati is Your Go-To Expert for Cosmetic Surgery

What our Facelift Manchester team can do for you?

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When you are looking for a professional and experienced surgeon to provide the very best of facelift services Manchester, look no further than Dr. Frati. With years of experience and expertise in the field, he has become one of the most renowned cosmetic surgeons in the city. He has been featured on TV, as well as highly recommended by celebrities and influencers in the area.

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How can Dr. Frati provide such a high quality service for Facelift Manchester?

Dr. Frati is the owner of Frati Cosmetic Surgery, conveniently located on St John Street in Manchester, near the infamous Deansgate. Here, you will be able to receive top-level care that you can trust to be safe and effective, so that your desired results can be achieved as quickly as possible. His clinic offers a wide range of procedures including facelifts, neck lifts, browlifts and more; all designed to help you look and feel your best no matter what age or condition your face may be in at present.

At Frati Cosmetic Surgery, all treatments are performed under the supervision of super experienced and qualified Dr. Frati who adheres to strict safety protocols, ensures proper treatment every step of the way. During each consultation with Dr Frati, he will assess any concerns or issues that you may have before he recommends a course of action which is tailored specifically to suit your needs; so that you can get back to feeling confident about yourself again without delay!

Another great thing about Dr Frati’s practice is how accessible it is – his clinic boasts convenient parking space for those who come by car as well as public transport links nearby which allow easy access from any part of town. Additionally, there are also various payment options available so that finances are not an obstacle when it comes to achieving your desired goal through cosmetic surgery – something which many people find invaluable when making their decision!


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When it comes down to choosing a reliable surgeon for your facelift procedure in Manchester – there really is no better choice than Dr Frati! His years of experience coupled with his commitment towards providing top notch services makes him an ideal candidate for anyone looking to achieve their aesthetic goals while trusting only in expert hands. With his team’s professionalism and dedication towards providing suitable solutions at competitive prices – you won’t be disappointed with your decision!

If you are ready for the next stage in your facelift journey, we would be happy to provide you help on advising you what to do next. You can call our Manchester office on 0161 327 139 Or full in the contact form. We can book you a consultation with Dr. Frati, and provide further advice. We also offer a facelift London Service too!