Fast Recovery Breast AugmentationMany women choose breast augmentation for several reasons and the two main reasons are for medical reasons and to change their appearance to enhance their confidence.

Despite this, many women might find that they are put off by the recovery time of traditional breast augmentation. Traditionally, this kind of procedure will come with lengthy recovery time as it is considered to be major surgery and so, it can take more than a couple of weeks for patients to recuperate. However, this is where fast recovery breast augmentation can help. 

What is Fast Recovery Breast Augmentation?

The main goal of fast recovery breast augmentation is to deliver the same results as traditional surgery while avoiding the recover time. Therefore, this type of procedure could see patients return to work as soon as 48 hours after surgery. This means that patients could have the procedure at the end of the week and then get back into their normal routine after recovering over the weekend.

This procedure achieves this fast recovery through a number of ways.

The first is that the surgeons use implants that are perfectly designed to fit the anatomy of the patient as this enable them to minimise or completely eliminate any damage to the muscle during the insertion of the implants. However, the technique that they use must be extremely skilled while precision ensures that the procedure is carried out correctly.

Secondly, traditionally, patients are placed under heavy general anaesthetic to ensure that the procedure goes as planned. In the case of fast recovery breast augmentation, the patient is monitored while they are anaesthetised to ensure that they are only under for the necessary amount of time and no longer. This can help to shorten the recovery time by a considerable amount of time.

Even though the procedure is carried out quickly, it still means that the surgeon has to take the necessary precautions when it comes to ensuring that the procedure is carried out safely and effectively. Therefore, this should not be seen as a rushed procedure but one that is carried out in a different way to traditional breast augmentation.

The Results

To achieve the very best results when it comes to fast recovery breast augmentation, then it is important that the procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon who is board-certified and has experience in performing this procedure. A reputable surgeon will explain the potential negatives that can come with any sort of procedure while also discuss the outcome and the recovery time with you. While it is a fast recovery procedure, this is by no means guaranteed as the surgeon might decide on additional care following the procedure based on the individual and how they respond to the procedure.

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