Brow Lift SurgeryAs we get older, our skin loses its elasticity and that can cause areas of the face to drop and that is something that we experience around the forehead and brow area. This can cause the brows to drop and move closer to the eyelashes, leaving patients looking tired while also giving them the appearance of frowning. To add to this, it can cause lines to develop and increase over time.

So, a brow lift or a forehead lift as it is also known can help to smooth the area between the eyebrows and the hairline. Through repositioning the soft tissue as well as the skin of the brow and forehead, it can create a fresher appearance to the forehead while lifting the brows to give a more youthful appearance.

Brow Lift Surgery – What Happens?

A Brow Lift can be performed in a number of ways and through a discussion with your consultant, you will be recommended the best procedure for your circumstances and the look you want to achieve.

During the procedure, the surgeon will shorten the muscles that are located in the brow by making an incision in the hairline. This procedure will then lift the forehead and reposition the eyebrows, creating a younger look while any scarring will be concealed by the hairline.

It might be possible to have keyhole surgery and if this is the case, your specialist will make a tiny incision on your hairline. Commonly, a brow lift is often carried out under general anaesthetic and that could mean that you have to spend a night in hospital while you may be required to wear bandaging on your forehead in order to protect the incisions made during surgery. To add to this, you may be required to wear thin tubes that are inserted into the wound in order to remove any excess fluid or blood. These can be removed after a couple of days.

It is also common to experience swelling and bruising in the forehead area and the upper eyelid area. This might be sensitive but pain relief will be given to help ease the pain. In the first few days, you will also be asked to refrain from bending over and straining.

Returning Home

Your face might look swollen and feel swollen but this will reduce over a period of around two weeks following the procedure. You will need to sleep in an upright position where possible using pillows as this will help to reduce the swelling while all stitches will be removed around 7 days after the procedure. However, dissolvable stitches might be used which means that they will disappear on their own. After a few days, any dressings can be moved and you will be informed as to when you wash your hair and return to work. However, for the first three weeks after surgery, you will not be allowed to lift anything that is of a significant weight while any strenuous activity will need to be avoided.

For more information about Brow Lift cosmetic surgery, contact us to make a Free Consultation appointment where we will go through everything with you, and show you the results you would expect.