Boob JobSo you are considering a breast augmentation to change the size or shape of your bust. Some women are unhappy with their breasts, whether they deem them to be too small, too big, uneven in shape or size, or too shallow or saggy. Cosmetic surgery can give you the perfect, perky breasts you have always wanted, however nothing worthwhile comes without risk. Before you pay out thousands for a life-changing procedure, have a read through our top four points we think you should consider.

Is bigger really better?

It is common for women with smaller breasts to want to go as big as possible with breast implants, but bigger does not necessarily mean better.

Choosing the wrong size implant for your body can completely throw you’re your natural body proportions. Oversized implants could look top heavy and your breasts fake, there are also health risks that correlate with the size of implant. We recommend you only increase your breast size by one or two cup sizes for a natural looking boob job, the decision, however, is completely up to you.

Do your research

Although a boob job is probably the most common cosmetic surgery procedures carried out around the world, it is important you acknowledge that this is an invasive procedure that is going to permanently change how you look and feel about your body.

It probably comes as no surprise when we tell you that the first step is to carry out research into breast enlargements or augmentation. Learn about the type of implants available, and what the procedure in tales from start to finish – this will help you prepare questions to ask your surgeon during your consultation.

Your body, your choice

Once you have an idea on the shape and size of implants you want, it’s time to search around for a reputable clinic offering high-quality breast enlargement surgery at a price you can afford.

There are hundreds of clinics offering private cosmetic surgery, read online reviews to check their quality of care, request a brochure, see if they offer some sort of aftercare package and what it includes. Most offer free consultations to get prices and advice to help you make an informed decision.

Selecting the right surgeon is essential. First, make sure your surgeon is FDA approved and qualified to perform the procedure. Check their certification and ask to see a portfolio of previous work so you have an idea of their experience and capability.

We recommend you book yourself in for a consultation early in the process to meet your surgeon. It is important you and the surgeon are on the same level when it comes to discussing your breast augmentation and the expected outcome.

Your surgeon should have extensive knowledge of the procedure such as incision sites, implant insertion, breast anatomy, the implants, potential risks, and of course aftercare.

Aftercare and lifetime support

Your health is the most important thing for us, you need to be confident that the care and advice you received throughout your procedure remains available during your recovery period. Changes to your breasts are to be expected in terms of shape, size, and feel, you should follow your surgeons aftercare advice and attend all postoperative appointments.

Breast implants can last upwards of 10 years, old implants carry a higher risk of complications; ruptures, deflation, capsular contracture, etc.

If any complications were to arrise, you need to be sure that help is at hand. Be prepared to pay any extra costs for corrective re-operations, and expect to pay out for another boob job years later.

Talk to us

At Dr Frati Cosmetic Surgery we provide free consultations for those considering a breast augmentation to answer your questions, tell you what is possible and to prepare you for your prospective surgery.  Your health is of the upmost importance to us and our aftercare service is second to none.

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