Breast Reduction London by Dr Frati

Looking for breast reduction in London? Want to be in safe hands? Dr.Frati is a world recognised surgical breast specialist, dubbed ‘the boob god’ by many. Dr. Frati is regularly trusted by influencers, TV stars and other celebrities. He has worked hard to build up his top class reputation, so that you would hopefully feel able to trust him too!

If you are looking for a professional cosmetic service, with the best results, safety procedures and aftercare, then Dr. Frati cosmetic surgery is the place to consider, if you want to find our more information, then you can visit our specialist page on breast reduction, or even get in touch for your initial consultation.

We offer breast reduction, London, Manchester and Birmingham.

What can our breast reduction London team do for you?breast reduction London after surgery


Breast reduction is the process of alleviating any excess fat that naturally occurs in the breasts, maybe due to pregnancy, age, weight fluctuations. Large breasts can cause health complications such as back ache, skin irritation or mental health struggles.

Breast reduction surgery can really help with any issues that arise from particular large breasts, and Dr. Frati can quite possible get the best results out of each personal situation.

Our team of friendly, yet highly qualified professionals can provide you with caring consultation, through to the safest of procedures, which also leads to amazing results. We are also like to provide all appropriate aftercare help and advice, and we will be by your side until you are fully recovered from your life changing procedure.

How can Dr. Frati provide such high quality breast reduction service in London?

Dr. Frati is very highly qualified, as a master of education Dr. Frati originally obtained an honours degree from the University of Rome, and was trained by one of the most respected surgeon educators in the cosmetic industry, Prof. Marco Gasparotti.

Dr. Frati uses cutting edge techniques which are at the forefront of the surgical world. Whether it is the vertical incision (Lollipop) technique or the Inverted-T (anchor) incision, these techniques allow Dr. Frati to obtain best possible results, whilst offering the least scarring possible, and therefore optimum recovery times.

Dr. Frati is also able to use his natural warmness and charm, to comfort and relieve any reservations and nervousness amongst patients. One of his main goals when beginning his profession was to help those with low self-esteem. By providing breast reduction surgery in London, and the rest of the UK, he is not only able to do that via his amazing breast reduction procedures, but also in consultations before and after surgery.

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Operating out of the well-known Harley Street, London, Our breast reduction London team can offer advice if you want to find out more. We can guide you on what the next stages are if you are interested, and also book your initial consultation with Dr. Frati, so you can see if he is the right surgeon for you. We can be contacted on our London phone number, 020 3633 2619 or our contact us page. We would be privileged to help you on your breast reduction journey.