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One of the most common procedures carried out on both men and women is facelift surgery. As the natural ageing process causes the skin on the face to lose its elasticity, sagging starts to appear around the eyes, mouth and jaw along with lines and wrinkles. Facelift surgery relieves these signs of ageing and improves the appearance of the skin on the face.

Benefits of a Facelift

  • Makes you look younger and Healthier
  • Reduces drooping skin or sagging jawline
  • Gets rid of deep creases that appear thanks to age or poor living habits
  • Can be confined with other procedures such as ear pinning
  • Lasting results
  • Minimal Scarring

Facelift with Dr. Frati a woman after a facelift

Dr. Frati has been performing at the top level for over 20 years. He prides himself on an unrivalled reputation that has served him well throughout his career. Dr. Frati is dubbed ‘the surgeon to the stars’ due to being in high demand in the celebrity and influencer world; and he has also appeared on national TV and in Newspapers.

When undergoing a serious, risky, life changing procedure, it is important you trust the right people with the job. Dr. Frati is the ideal candidate to help you in your facelift journey. With ultra-modern techniques which minimise risk and also reduce recovery time and scarring, you are in the safest and most professional hands with Dr. Frati. If you are interested in the next steps, then please enquire about your initial consultation today, and one of Dr. Frati’s team will happily get in touch with you at the earliest convenience.

There are Three Types of Facelift.

Your facelift surgery will be typically be performed using one of three methods depending on the required outcome and which is most suitable for you

Traditional Facelift

With a traditional facelift, the procedure is to make an incision along your hairline finishing behind your ears. The skin is then separated from your tissue, facial muscles are tightened and fat repositioned if necessary. The excess skin is then removed and the incision stitched.

MACS Surgery 

Minimal Access Cranial Suspension Surgery, or MACS, uses smaller incisions but otherwise is the same as the traditional facelift. The Incisions are made at the front of ones ears but only reach as far back as the earlobe. The facial muscles will then be tightened and excess skin removed, using said small incisions. This method can’t always be used depending on the extent of the surgery needed, however upon consultation with Dr. Frati, your options will be clearly explained.

Keyhole Facelift Surgery

A keyhole facelift is performed using even smaller incisions into the face. Next, an endoscope is inserted to allow Dr. Frati to then carry out the procedure. Keyhole surgery is only suitable for certain types of facelifts and again, Dr. Frati will advise which method will be used for yours at your consultation.

The Facelift Procedure

A facelift usually lasts between 2 and 4 hours, requires a general anaesthetic and an overnight stay in hospital. We recommend you take at least 2 weeks off from work and to get plenty of rest during the first week to allow your body to recover from the facelift.

If you wish to know more then please get in touch we would be happy to help you through the next stages.

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