Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

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Fat transfer breast augmentation, also known as natural breast augmentation or a natural boob job, is the cosmetic procedure that enlarges breast size via the use of existing natural fat stores that appear on the body, an alternative to man made implants.

The procedure uses liposuction techniques to remove fat from unwanted areas such as the stomach of back, then such fat is injected back into the breast to create larger, fuller and shapelier breasts. Although lesser known that other breast surgery procedures, many women are exceptionally satisfied when they see the results of their fat transfer breast augmentation surgery.

With fat transfer breast augmentation, women can endure a natural feeling alternative to implants, whilst also losing excess fat from unwanted areas of the body.

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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation with Dr. Frati

Dr. Frati is dubbed by many as ‘The Boob God’. This is due to his unrivalled reputation amongst celebrities, such as Gemma Collins, and influencers. Dr. Frati has had several TV appearances and regularly features in national newspapers. Dr. Frati has got to the top of his industry by his honest and trustworthy, yet technically perfectionist approach.

If you require a life changing procedure, then it is well worth considering the best in the business, this will minimise risk, speed up recovery time and also increase the chances of the best possible results you can wish for. Dr. Frati is around to be able to do all this and would love for you to get in tough to discuss the next stages.

If you feel the time is right to look further into your fat transfer breast augmentation journey, or any other breast augmentation query then please fill in the contact form or get in touch with one of our friendly team members, on  020 3633 2619 we would be happy to help where we can.

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Dr Frati is such an amazing surgeon and his team are wonderful. Everything about my journey with Dr Frati from start to finish.

Beth McPoland, London

Dr Frati is amazing, professional, personable and puts you at ease through the whole process. His work is impeccable and I’m so pleased with the results!

Paul Gibson, Manchester

A+++ service very good doctor! Fully recommend, from ringing up to aftercare amazing service. Fully recommend, if you are not sure just book it you won’t regret it!

James Murray, Cheshire

From the very start from my consultation, to the procedure to now 6 weeks post op my experience with Dr Frati has been fantastic.

Zoe Collins, North London

I was suffering with my nose for over 3 year then found dr Frati. He is absolutely amazing. I’m only 4 weeks post op but I am so happy with everything! The aftercare provided is excellent.

Mandy-Lee Perkins, Essex

I had a breast enlargement with Dr Frati in 2018 after a lot of research and following him for a while. It was honestly the best decision I’ve ever made. I would recommend him to all my friends as I have so much trust in him and his work!

Paulina Teixeira, Birmingham
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Benefits of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

There are many benefits of fat transfer breast augmentation, some similar to standard breast augmentation, some different.

  • No man made objects enter the body, the process is more natural
  • Woman get a more natural feel to their breasts
  • Improves confidence and low self esteem that can naturally come with smaller breasts
  • Long lasting effects
  • Better body to breast ratio
  • Removal of unwanted fat on other areas of the body
  • More flattering options of clothing
  • More youthful look
  • Allows a more symmetrical, shapely look to your breasts

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Is Fat transfer Breast Augmentation Right for me?

Determining whether Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is the right choice for you requires careful consideration. Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation, is a highly individualised procedure. If the mentioned benefits are exactly what you are looking for, then fat transfer breast augmentation may be right for you, however there’re other variables to think about when deciding on fat transfer breast augmentation.

  1. Realistic Expectations: Having realistic expectations about the outcomes of fat transfer breast augmentation is crucial. Dr. Frati can assess your specific concerns and provide an expert opinion on what changes are feasible and how they may impact your overall facial harmony.
  2. Physical and Emotional Readiness: Prior to undergoing any surgical procedure, it is important to be physically and emotionally prepared. This means being in good overall health and maintaining a positive mindset throughout the process.
  3. Official Pre-op Consultation: Scheduling a consultation with a skilled surgeon like Dr. Frati is essential. During this consultation, Dr. Frati will evaluate your current anatomy, discuss your specific concerns, and explore potential options and expected outcomes. This expert opinion will help you gain a better understanding of what to expect from your fat transfer breast augmentation and whether it is the right choice for you at this time.
    If you have any questions or need guidance on your fat transfer breast augmentation journey, reach out to Dr. Frati’s team today. They are dedicated to providing you with the information and support you need to make an informed decision about your fat transfer breast augmentation procedure.

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    Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation FAQs

    Yes of course, as is all surgical procedures. there is potential for infection of the operated area or even a reaction to the anaesthetic. Dr. Frati specialises in minimising risk with his cutting edge techniques that leave less scarring and offer faster recovery time. when going under the knife it is important to take risk into great consideration, and Dr. Frati can help you with that.

    It would be best not to try anything too strenuous before 6-8 weeks after your fat transfer breast augmentation. However light duties can be undertaken after 1-2 weeks.

    Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation usually takes around 2-3 hours to complete.

    Are there any Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Risks?

    When considering fat transfer breast augmentation, it is important to acknowledge that like any surgical procedure, there are inherent risks involved. However, opting for a highly reputable and experienced surgeon can significantly reduce these risks and lead to a successful outcome. Dr. Frati, renowned for his expertise, utilisation of advanced techniques, and meticulous aftercare, is an exceptional choice for individuals seeking fat transfer breast augmentation.

    One of the primary risks associated with fat transfer breast augmentation is the potential for complications during or after the procedure, such as infection, bleeding, adverse reactions to anaesthesia, or issues with wound healing. Nonetheless, under the supervision of an experienced surgeon like Dr. Frati, who remains up-to-date with the latest advancements in fat transfer breast augmentation techniques, the likelihood of encountering such complications is considerably diminished.

    Another aspect to consider is the possibility of unsatisfactory aesthetic results. However, Dr. Frati’s outstanding reputation and extensive experience in fat transfer breast augmentation demonstrate his ability to achieve natural and harmonious outcomes that align with the individual’s unique body proportions and desires.

    To further minimise risks, Dr. Frati places a strong emphasis on meticulous aftercare, diligently monitoring patients’ progress and providing necessary guidance throughout the healing process. This personalised approach ensures optimal recovery and minimises the potential for complications.

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