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Here at Dr Frati Cosmetic Surgery we offer a range of surgeries and treatments and use pioneering techniques to give the best possible cosmetic results. We are passionate about ensuring your journey through undertaking any surgery or treatment is a positive one and pride ourselves on the level of care you will receive. Known for being one of the best around, from the initial consultation to each and every after care appointment, your plan is unique to you and our experienced team will support you every step of the way.

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Dr Frati is a renowned and established cosmetic surgeon, trained by the leading liposuction expert, Professor Gasparotti. After attaining his Clinical Fellowship, Dr Frati has been leading the way in the industry with his pioneering techniques that have been featured across the industry and the media. As a result, Dr Frati is regularly asked to speak at conferences, events and to the press for his expertise and forefront knowledge.

By choosing Dr Frati Cosmetic Surgery, your treatment will be a renowned cosmetic surgeon who leads the way with patient safety, care excellence and works hard to deliver optimal results in line with the patient’s expectations.

Dr Frati Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Frati’s Treatments


Breast Augmentation

Find out more about our range of breast augmentation surgeries

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Mummy Makeover

Skin Treatments

Get back to how you were before baby birth

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rhinoplasty surgery

We offer specialist Rhinoplasty procedures

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Learn more about one of the fastest rising procedures in the UK

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Tummy Tuck

tummy tuck

Get rid of that excess flesh

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Breast Reduction

breast reduction surgery bra pink

Breast Reduction specialists

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It’s All About You

Cosmetic surgery can give you a renewed sense of self-confidence and self-belief that you may have been lacking for a while or never had. It can used to treat a variety of conditions and target areas that cannot be treated otherwise. Your cosmetic surgery journey is important to us and we want to make sure you have the right surgery and support for what it is you want to achieve. Before you make a decision to have cosmetic surgery we will talk to you about your personal story – why you want the surgery and what you hope the results will look like.

Dr Frati will make sure you fully understand the benefits and risks of the surgery as well as the expected results and recovery time so as you can make your decision knowing you’re in the best hands.

Dr Frati’s Blog…

Amazing results! From start to finish I was given 5 star treatment. Everything was explained to me in detail before my surgery and I was given lots of advice and tips before and during my recovery. The team were on hand to answer any of my questions and at no point was I made to feel a nuisance. Excellent team, excellent surgeon and excellent after care!

Patient UK (Operation - Vaserliposuction)