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Tummy Tuck Before and After

tummy tuck
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Mummy Makeover UK Before and After

mummy makeover Manchester
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Boob Job before and after

what is a mummy makeover recovery like with bandages
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Nose Job before and after

Recovery Time After Rhinoplasty recovery period
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Breast Uplift before and after

lady with a breast uplift London clinic after working out mow much breast uplift cost is
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Breast Reduction before and after

breast reduction surgery and a natural hybrid breast augmentation procedure
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Facelift before and after

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Here at Dr Frati Cosmetic Surgery we know that undertaking any kind of surgery is a big decision and you must be 100% comfortable with the procedure that you are having along with being fully informed of the techniques used, your expected recovery time and aftercare needed.

We fully encourage you to do your own research into any procedure you are considering as well as the surgeon that will be working on you.

Patient confidentiality is key to us, but we are more than happy to provided a gallery for you to be able to see some of our recent work across a range of procedures in order to provide you with a visual representation of the results that we can achieve. It also provides you with a resource to able to compare before and after photographs and can give ideas of what you may or may not wish your final aesthetic result to look like.

You must remember that each person’s results are individual to them and have been achieved dependent on the initial condition of the part of the body that has been operated on.


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