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At Dr. Frati’s clinic, patients can expect a safe, comfortable and luxurious experience to help them achieve their desired breast uplift results. Dr. Frati and his team of experienced surgeons and assistants is dedicated to providing the highest quality care, from initial consultation to after-care. We specialise in breast uplift surgery and are committed to achieving natural looking results that suit each individual patient’s body shape and lifestyle. Our Breast Uplift London service is designed to provide an enhanced appearance that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound.

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Breast Uplift London with Dr. Frati

We understand that undergoing breast uplift surgery can be a major life decision, which is why our team of highly trained professionals work closely with each patient throughout their entire journey – from discussing the best options available, through to recovery and post-operative care. Each patient will receive a personalised treatment plan tailored specifically to his or her individual needs.

At Dr Frati’s clinic we understand that no two cases are alike which is why we are committed to providing personalised consultations so we can create tailored plans suited specifically for each patient’s individual needs during their journey towards achieving their desired outcomes with a breast uplift service in London. So if you’re looking for first-class care from an experienced professional in London who understands your unique requirements then please get in touch with us at Dr Frati’s Clinic today!

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What types of Breast Uplift procedures are there in London?

Breast uplift procedures, also known as mastopexy, are performed to lift and reshape sagging breasts, restoring a more youthful and elevated position. The specific technique used depends on the extent of breast sagging and the desired outcome. Here are some common types of breast uplift procedures:

  1. Crescent Lift: This technique involves making an incision along the upper half of the areola. It is suitable for individuals with mild breast sagging, as it provides minimal lift and is often combined with breast augmentation.
  2. Peri-Areolar or Donut Lift: In this method, a circular incision is made around the areola. It allows for moderate lifting of the breasts and is effective for patients with mild to moderate sagging.
  3. Vertical or Lollipop Lift: A vertical incision is made around the areola and extends vertically down to the breast crease. This technique provides significant lifting and reshaping of the breasts and is suitable for patients with moderate sagging.
  4. Anchor or Wise Pattern Lift: This technique involves creating an anchor-shaped incision around the areola, vertically down to the breast crease, and horizontally along the breast crease. It is suitable for patients with significant breast sagging and provides the most extensive lifting and reshaping.
  5. Circumvertical or LeJour Lift: Also known as the lollipop lift with limited horizontal incision, this method combines a vertical incision with a shorter horizontal incision. It is effective for moderate to severe breast sagging and reduces the length of the incision compared to the anchor lift.

The choice of breast uplift procedure depends on various factors, including the degree of breast sagging, nipple position, and desired results. Upon consultation, D.Frati will evaluate your specific case and recommend the most appropriate technique to achieve your desired breast uplift outcome.

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Dr Frati is such an amazing surgeon and his team are wonderful. Everything about my journey with Dr Frati from start to finish.

Beth McPoland, London

Dr Frati is amazing, professional, personable and puts you at ease through the whole process. His work is impeccable and I’m so pleased with the results!

Paul Gibson, Manchester

A+++ service very good doctor! Fully recommend, from ringing up to aftercare amazing service. Fully recommend, if you are not sure just book it you won’t regret it!

James Murray, Cheshire

From the very start from my consultation, to the procedure to now 6 weeks post op my experience with Dr Frati has been fantastic.

Zoe Collins, North London

I was suffering with my nose for over 3 year then found dr Frati. He is absolutely amazing. I’m only 4 weeks post op but I am so happy with everything! The aftercare provided is excellent.

Mandy-Lee Perkins, Essex

I had a breast enlargement with Dr Frati in 2018 after a lot of research and following him for a while. It was honestly the best decision I’ve ever made. I would recommend him to all my friends as I have so much trust in him and his work!

Paulina Teixeira, Birmingham
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Benefits of Our Breast Uplift London Service

Our Breast Uplift London Service provides numerous benefits for individuals seeking to enhance the size, shape, or symmetry of their breasts. It is important to note that the specific benefits of breast uplift can vary from person to person, as it is a personal decision. Therefore, we highly recommend a thorough consultation with Dr. Frati to discuss your individual goals, expectations, and potential outcomes. Dr. Frati’s expertise will guide you in making informed choices to achieve your desired results.

Key Benefits of our Breast Uplift London Service:

1. Enhanced Breast Size and Shape:
A breast uplift allows you to achieve your desired breast size and shape by increasing volume and creating a more balanced and proportionate figure.

2. Improved Self-Confidence and Body Image:
Many individuals experience increased self-confidence and satisfaction with their appearance after a breast uplift. It can boost self-esteem, improve body image, and foster a positive self-image.

3. Correction of Breast Asymmetry:
Breast uplifts can effectively address noticeable differences in breast size or shape, helping to create symmetry and harmony between the breasts.

4. Restoration of Breast Volume after Pregnancy or Weight Loss:
Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and significant weight loss can cause the breasts to lose volume and firmness. Breast uplifts can restore lost breast volume and rejuvenate the overall appearance of the breasts.

5. Clothing Fit and Fashion Choices:
With a breast uplift, individuals often find that clothing fits better and they have more options in terms of styles and fashion choices. This can significantly boost confidence and allow for a greater sense of satisfaction with clothing options.

6. Emotional and Psychological Well-being:
The positive impact of a breast uplift extends beyond physical appearance, contributing to improved emotional and psychological well-being. Feeling more satisfied with one’s body can lead to increased happiness and an overall enhanced quality of life.

Through our Breast Uplift London Service, in collaboration with Dr. Frati, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care, expertise, and support to help you achieve your desired breast uplift results, ensuring your overall well-being and satisfaction.


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How can Dr. Frati provide such a high quality Breast Uplift service in London?

Dr. Frati has extensive experience in performing cosmetic surgery procedures including breast augmentation and breast uplifts. He always strives for excellence in all aspects of his practice, ensuring that every procedure he performs meets stringent safety standards as well as producing superior results aesthetically. His attention to detail allows him to create smooth curves and contours that look extremely natural, while also helping maintain the form and function of the breasts over time.

It is this dedication combined with his wealth of knowledge and experience that makes him one of the leading practitioners in the field today – both nationally within the UK and internationally among top tier medical institutions across Europe, Asia and North America – thus allowing you access to some of the best solutions available for your individual needs when it comes to breast uplift surgery in London.

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    Breast Uplift London FAQs

    Depending entirely on your bespoke requirements for breast augmentation, the cost for this procedure will always vary. Prices start at around £7,500

    As with the above, you personal wishes can determine how much a breast enlargement surgery costs, but prices can start at around £7,500.

    Breast uplift surgery starts at around £7,500. However all prices range as per your personal circumstances, this will all be discussed at your consultation.

    Yes breast augmentation and breast enlargement ops are similar procedures and carry similar risk, as does all surgery. It is important to minimise this risk as potential consequences can be severe. Dr. Frati is a top professional who can minimise risk by using his cutting edge techniques and experienced knowhow, which is why it is definitely worth considering him as your surgeon.

    As with the above, all surgeries, including breast uplift surgery carries risk. It is important to know this before you consider any cosmetic procedure. Possible issues that could arouse can include a reaction to the anaesthesia or an infection of the operated area. Thankfully, Dr. Frati’s specialist techniques allows for minimal scaring and quicker recovery times, resulting in a lower risk factor – something you would definitely consider when choosing your surgeon.

    Recovery time for breast augmentation is similar to the recovery time for breast enlargement, as they are closely related procedures. You will probably be able to go back to work after just 1 week, whilst normal activities can be resumes after 4-6 weeks, and more strenuous work after 8 weeks.

    Breast uplift recovery time is different for every patient due to natural healing abilities and the type of breast uplift procedure you opt for. One can expect to begin regular activities after 1 month, and a support bra will be given for you to wear fro around 2 months to protect your new breasts.

    Breast augmentation and breast enlargement surgery usually takes from 1-3 hours, depending on the complication of the procedure which fits your preference.

    Usually, providing no complications, a standard breast uplift surgery takes from 2-3 hours to complete.

    Are there any risks to a breast uplift London service?

    A breast uplift in London, also known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that carries certain risks and potential complications. It’s important for individuals considering a breast uplift in London to be aware of these risks and make informed decisions. While complications are relatively uncommon, they can occur. Here are some potential risks associated with a breast uplift:

    1. Scarring: Following a breast uplift, scarring is inevitable. The extent and visibility of the scars can vary depending on the surgical technique used. Although efforts are made to place incisions in inconspicuous areas, some individuals may experience more prominent or extensive scarring.

    2. Changes in Sensation: It is possible to experience temporary or permanent changes in nipple or breast sensation after a breast uplift procedure. This can include increased or decreased sensitivity or numbness in the breast or nipple area.

    3. Infection: As with any surgical procedure, there is a risk of infection. Precautions are taken to minimise this risk, such as administering antibiotics and maintaining strict hygiene protocols. However, infections can still occur, requiring prompt treatment with antibiotics.

    4. Poor Wound Healing: In some cases, the incisions made during the breast uplift procedure may heal poorly, leading to delayed wound healing, wound separation, or skin breakdown. Factors such as smoking, certain medical conditions, or poor surgical technique can contribute to this risk.

    5. Changes in Breast Shape or Size: Although a breast uplift aims to improve breast shape and position, there is a small risk of undesirable outcomes, such as asymmetry, over-correction, or under-correction. Additional procedures may be required to address these issues.

    6. Capsular Contracture: While less common with breast uplift alone, the formation of scar tissue around the implant (if used in conjunction with an uplift) can occur. This can lead to a firm or misshapen appearance of the breasts and may require additional treatment.

    7. Anaesthesia Risks: Anaesthesia carries its own set of risks, including allergic reactions, respiratory problems, or adverse effects. These risks are minimised by working with a qualified anaesthesiologist who will carefully monitor your condition throughout the procedure.

    It is important to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to thoroughly discuss the potential risks and benefits specific to your case. By selecting a skilled and experienced surgeon like Dr. Frati, who specialises in breast uplift procedures, the likelihood of complications can be significantly reduced. Dr. Frati’s expertise can help ensure a safe and successful outcome for your breast uplift surgery.

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