Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that involves a solution being applied to the face to remove dead skin cells and encourage the growth of new cells. We offer a range of chemical peels that can treat various skin conditions including fine line and wrinkles, acne, age spots, freckles, melasma, scars and hyperpigmentation and can be applied to the face, neck, back and hands. Following a chemical peel the skin will be revitalised and rejuvenated.

You will have a consultation prior to your treatment to discuss the reasons for you wanting the chemical peel and the skin conditions that you wish to improve. During this consultation it will be assessed if you are suitable for the treatment and if so, the type of chemical peel that is required to treat you. Depending on which chemical peel is necessary this will determine your recovery and aftercare and this will be explained in detail to you. Chemical peels often have better results on patients with lighter skin tones and fair hair but some treatments can be effective on patients with darker skin.

Chemical Peel Dr Frati Cosmetic SurgeryChemical peels are used in varying strengths and using different solutions depending on what skin condition is being treated. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed first and then the solution applied to small areas of your skin. The solution is left on the affected area from between 3 minutes and half an hour and then removed.

The treatment will take between 20 minutes and an hour and usually requires no anaesthetic. Should the deeper skin layer require treatment we may advise a local anaesthetic. You are able to have a chemical peel at the clinic and will not require a hospital visit or overnight stay. During the treatment it is common to experience a tingling and stinging sensation which can be alleviated with cool compression. The amount of time you require off from work will depend on the type of chemical peel that was applied. For those that are targeting the superficial skin layer, you can return the same day and for those targeting deeper layers then we suggest up to 5 days. Your recovery time is also affected by the type of chemical peel you have had, and you may see results after a few hours or a few weeks. You will be advised of your specific recommendations and expected recovery timeline during your consultation. It is important for you to understand that some chemical peel treatments are not permanent and may need to be repeated.

The price of your chemical peel will be discussed with you at your consultation as an assessment is needed of your skin condition and the appropriate chemical peel needed to treat you.

As with any procedure, there are potential risks and complications. These will be discussed with you before any treatment takes place, along with your medical history and you will be provided with comprehensive information in relation to your specific procedure that you can take away and reflect over after your consultation. Don’t forget our friendly team are here to answer any questions you may have.


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Chemical Peel Dr Frati Cosmetic Surgery