Ear Pinning Surgery

Ear Pinning Surgery

Ear pinning, also known as otoplasty, is a common procedure across the globe and is used to improve the appearance of ears that are out of proportion, protruding, misshapen or to repair damage caused by an accident. Most procedures for otoplasty involve a small cut being made behind the ear, in the crease where it joins the head and then cartilage and skin are removed and/or reshaped and the ear stitched back.

Many people suffer from embarrassment from protruding ears, this can cause serious mental health and confidence issues. Unfortunately, we live in an age where online bullying is at its peak, and the demands of society suggest that we should all have perfect features. Luckily we are also in an age where surgical procedures such as ear pinning are the most advanced they have ever been, and there is a solution for those who suffer with asymmetrical ears.

What are the Benefits or ear pinning, or otoplasty?a woman who need an ear pinning surgery

Improves confidence 

Ear pinning creates more symmetry in the face and less noticeable opportunities for harassment, therefore resulting in a new found confidence amongst those who undergo otoplasty

Prevents emotional damage

If pinned early enough, it can prevent years of youth bullying when humans are at their most vulnerable – the primary years. Children aren’t emotionally developed enough to be able to cope with such trauma and most likely any intimidation will have long lasting affects for the rest of their life. Ear pinning can resolve this situation.

Allow a change of appearance

Many patients come to us to explain that they would love to have short hair, but are unable to do it due to ear embarrassment. Ear pinning can allow for both men and women to have the freedom to change their appearance as they wish, without worrying about how they look.

Ear pinning with Dr. Frati

Dr. Frati understand that when it comes to ear pinning procedures, safety should always come first- which is why he ensures the highest standards are met in every job he undertakes. Each procedure comes with super-fast recovery time and stunning results that will leave you feeling beautiful and confident. If you feel like you want a consultation then please give us a call on  020 3633 2619 or fill out our contact from, we would be happy to help you.

Dr. Frati is a surgeon to the stars and boasts a long list of celebrities and influencers of whom he has successfully constructed many surgical procedures, including ear pinning. If you are going under the knife, and your body is at risk, you require only the best from your surgeon, and that’s where Dr. Frati can help. 

If you wan tot talk about the next steps or book an initial consultation, virtual or in person, hen please get in touch on our contact page here, or ring us any time in business hours. A member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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