Cheek Implants

What is Cheek Implant Surgery?

Cheek implant surgery is an impressive procedure where by inserting small implants, usually through ones mouth, on top of your existing bone structure.

A youthful visage always starts with a defined bone structure. You may have a naturally weak or narrow cheek structure or perhaps lost cheek volume due to the ageing process where bone density and fat decreases and are looking to bring a more youthful appearance to your cheek area. Cheek implants can transform your cheeks and give you that look you desire.

Unfortunately Age comes to all of us, and with it comes unnecessary sagging. Furthermore, ones face is exceptionally hard to hide, and with that comes an increase loss of self confidence more so than other parts of the body.

One solution may be cheek implants.

Benefits of cheek implants cheek implant surgery

  • Reduces ageing – ageing comes to all of us, cheek implants can slow down this process aesthetically
  • Improves face symmetry – Cheek implants are an influential way of obtaining youthful symmetry in ones face, something that deteriates as we get older.
  • Safe procedure, with little scarring – As a well practiced procedure, cheek implant surgery has become one of the safest surgeries going. With this insertions are often done through either the mouth or the lower eyelid
  • Bespoke procedures available – similar to breast augmentation, cheek implants offer a tailored look for each individual needs. That way there are many options for the customer to decide on which look they would like to go for.

Cheek Implants with Dr. Frati

Dr Frati’s impeccable track record speaks for itself; he is highly sought after and his amazing work has brought him a world renowned reputation. Dr Frati offers initial consultation to discuss with you the why’s and how’s of cheek implantation. Aside from being a top professional, one of Dr. Frati’s strengths lies in putting patient satisfaction at its heart, always striving for perfection and taking every measure necessary to ensure optimal results without compromising safety or quality standards.

If you would like guidance on the next steps then please get in touch. A trusted member of the team will respond within a short while. We look forward to hearing from you.

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