Breast Reduction

A Breast reduction is performed to alleviate the size and weight of large breasts. Women with large breasts often experience medical complications such as back ache, poor posture, neck pain, rashes and skin infections. There is also a social complication where there may be difficulty in exercising, finding clothes ill-fitting, and self-consciousness.

Breast reduction is a satisfying procedure that cannot only take years off you aesthetically, but also free a woman’s mind of self consciousness and doubt. If you feel that having a breast reduction would reward you with just that then Dr. Frati Cosmetic Surgery can guide you through the next stages.

There are many benefits of a breast reduction:-

Refined posture

The weight of breasts over time naturally cause hunching that can sometimes be unavoided. This can also lead to spinal issues in the future. Breast reduction can minimise any risk of spinal is posture issues

Eradication of neck and shoulder pain 

It.s not just back and spinal issues that can arouse from top heavy breasts. Carrying extra weight on your chest puts strain on almost the whole of the upper body. As a result, neck and shoulders can succumb to constant straining, which can lead to chronic, sometimes unrepairable damage.

Reduced excess skin and breast tissue

Any excess skin that has appeared as a result of ageing, or pregnancy, or weight fluctuations can be removed therefore eliminating any irritation of excess skin and promotion of a better aesthetic look

Improves self esteem and confidence

As mentioned, a better shape of breast can work wonders for a woman’s self esteem. Woman were made to be beautiful, and if they don’t feel that way it can cause serious mental issues. A breast reduction can help relive this lack of confidence.

Increased clothing options

Unfortunately, too larger breasts restricts wardrobe options as the majority of clothing is made generically, only catering for the middle range of sizes in women. With a breast reduction, women are able to broaden their options when it comes to what they are able to wear.

Breast Reduction with Dr. Frati

Dr Frati is a highly experienced, world renowned cosmetic surgeon, whose credibility and accomplishments have been trusted and praised by many celebrities. His authority in the field has also allowed him to gain regular appearances on national television and in newspapers, further solidifying his reputation as an expert in the medical industry. 

A Dr. Frati breast reduction offers the safest procedures with a super fast recovery time and remarkable looking results that can be seen instantly after the surgery. It is of utmost importance that whilst carrying out a breast reduction you do it in the most professional way possible. With Dr. Frati you are reassured of safe hands throughout your experience and peace of mind knowing that you are being treated with optimum care. If you wish to look into the next stages of breast reduction, please get in touch and one of our friendly team would be happy to guide you of what happens next.

All surgery is risky. Whilst great steps have been taken to minimise rick, there still lies possibility of unlikely occurrences happening such as infection of the operated area or a reaction to anaesthesia. Dr . Frati specialises in modern techniques which can result in shorter revery time and less scarring, this in turn creates a less risky procedure for his patients. It is important to consider this factor when choosing your surgeon

One can expect to return to light activities by 2 weeks, providing they have rested well. More strenuous activities may be able to be undergone by around 6-8 weeks

2-4 hours is a rough guideline for breast reduction surgery, but it is dependant on the complexity of your procedure.

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