Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery

An increasingly common form of surgery is vaginal cosmetic surgery which includes 3 main procedures that can improve the vagina, the labia and the tissue mass above the pubic bone. Sometimes it is natural changes that affect the shape of the vagina such as childbirth, weight loss and the ageing process and sometimes the shape and size of the vagina, labia or mons pubis has always been something that causes unhappiness, embarrassment or discomfort.

Before any surgery is performed you will have a consultation with your surgeon who will discuss with you the reasons for you wanting the surgery and your desired aesthetic outcome. Any discomfort you currently experience along with any medical conditions will form part of the assessment to whether you are suitable for the procedure. It will also be advised if any additional procedures are required in order to achieve your desired result.

Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery Dr Frati Cosmetic SurgeryVaginoplasty is the reshaping and tightening of the vagina where the outer third of the vagina is reconstructed, along with the internal diameter and vagina opening. This is often combined with labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty can reshape or reduce the size of the inner and outer vagina lips and is commonly undertaken to improve the appearance of the labia and to achieve symmetry.

Mons Pubis surgery removes the excess tissue from above the public bone. The area above the vulva is then reshaped. Usually this is achieved using liposuction, but sometimes a lift may be necessary at the same time.

Vaginal cosmetic surgery is usually performed under local anaesthetic although depending on individual circumstances a general anaesthetic may be required. An overnight stay in hospital in not required. Depending on which procedures you have depends on your surgery and recovery time but you should expect to be fully healed after 8 weeks. You will have a follow up appointment with your nurse after the first week to remove any sutures and you will discuss your well-being and recovery and any additional aftercare advice will be given to you.

The cost of your surgery will depend on the procedures you are having and will be discussed with you at your consultation after your assessment is complete.

As with any surgery, there are potential risks and complications. These will be discussed with you before any surgery takes place, along with your medical history and you will be provided with comprehensive information in relation to your specific procedure that you can take away and reflect over after your consultation. Don’t forget our friendly team are here to answer any questions you may have.


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Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery Dr Frati Cosmetic Surgery