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What Our Boob Job Manchester Team can do for You?

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The Frati Cosmetic Surgery boob job Manchester team offers a comprehensive suite of services to help you achieve the look you desire. Dr. Frati prides himself on providing only the best in quality and safety. As a highly-skilled surgeon and dubbed by many celebrities as ‘The Boob God, Dr. Frati is among the leading experts in breast augmentation and perform a wide range of procedures, from augmentations to reductions, lifts and more. We understand that no two bodies are created equal and strive to provide customized solutions to meet your individual needs.

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With our advanced technology, Dr. Frati can ensure precise results that will last. We use only the best quality implants available, ensuring that you get the natural-looking end result you want. Beyond surgery, our team also offers a full range of post-operative care services, including scar massage therapy and compression garments to help speed up recovery time and reduce swelling. Whether you’re looking for subtle enhancements or major alterations, we offer safe and effective solutions for all your breast surgery needs.


How Can Dr. Frati Provide Such a High Quality Service for Boob Job Manchester?

Dr. Frati is a top rated surgeon with extensive experience in plastic surgery with an emphasis on breast augmentation procedures in Manchester area . He has trained extensively both nationally and internationally offering his patients unique treatments as well as performing traditional approaches such as lift without implant and implants with minimal scarring techniques. He also prides himself on being able to listen very carefully to his patient’s needs; understanding their concerns and providing them with advice tailored specifically for them as individuals – something which sets him apart from other plastic surgeons in the area who may not have this same level of service or attention to detail when it comes to advising clients who are considering having any kind of cosmetic procedure undertaken.

Moreover Dr Frati like most Plastic Surgeons must adhere strictly to The General Medical Council (GMC) regulations & standards which covers every aspect of medical practice including diagnosis, prescribing medication; all aspects relating directly or indirectly towards optimizing patient safety at all times . This ensures that every single step taken before during & after surgery is always taken within good professional practice & essentially leads to better outcomes for each patient who visits his clinic.


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At Frati Cosmetic Surgery our goal is always to provide personalised service tailored specifically towards each patient’s individual needs while delivering high quality results utilising safe techniques backed by years of experience guaranteeing satisfaction at every stage in their journey towards achieving their desired look through cosmetic surgery .

To schedule a consultation appointment in Manchester, or even if you fancy our Boob Job London Service, or learn more about our services in general please contact us today or call on 0161 327 2139