Breast Reduction SurgeryWhen it comes to breast surgery a lot of people focus on breast enlargement, forgetting that breast reduction surgery is also a hugely popular surgical procedure among women. Having breasts that are too large can have a negative impact on confidence and self-esteem, not to mention that large breasts can often be uncomfortable and painful on a day to day basis. Some women struggle physically with large breasts citing shoulder pain, changing, rashes and problems partaking in sports or other physical activities. When large breasts become a problem, it’s time to think about a breast reduction. It’s not simply young and active women who are thinking about undergoing breast reduction surgery, it’s a procedure that appeals to women of all ages.

Why Do Women Have a Breast Reduction Surgery?

There are different reasons as to why a woman may want to undergo a breast reduction and these reasons tend to vary by age. 

  • Young Women – With young women, it’s often due to lacking confidence and being the victim of unwanted attention. It’s difficult to grow up, even more so when you are a lot more developed than your peers and your breasts are extremely noticeable. If having large breasts is an ongoing problem and something a young woman is passionate about changing, a breast reduction may be a suggested solution.
  • Women In Their 20s, 30s and 40s – As a woman reaches adulthood, the negative impact of having large breasts is often apparent. They may experience aches, pains and chafing. It’s also common for women with large breasts to struggle when it comes to playing sports and exercising.
  • Older Women – Don’t make the mistake of assuming that older women are not equally interested in a breast reduction, especially those in their 60s and 70s. Women of this age tend to want a breast reduction to relieve pain and back problems, or to improve the overall asymmetry of their breasts.

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