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Trusted by celebrities, influencers and TV stars, why would you put yourself in front of anyone else?

Operating out of Harley Street London, Dr. Frati is an exceptionally qualified and experiences cosmetic surgeon, who also prides himself on his pre and post care routines to ensure all his patients get the optimum treatment needed, as well as spectacular results.

What Our Labiaplasty London Team can do for you?

Labiaplasy, or vaginal reconstruction is an ever-growing procedure amongst women in London. Maybe your private parts have changed since having children? Or you are stuggling with your sex life due to excess labia? Perhaps you have irritation and it is getting you down, or maybe having more labia than most allows you to feel a low self-esteem, as you worry that your natural beauty is not how you want it to look?

With our specialist labiaplasty London team, you can rest assured that we can provide a solution for you. If you are considering labiaplasty, and want to know more please either contact us for an initial consultation, or view our official page on labiaplasty.

How can Dr. Frati provide such a high quality service for labiaplasty London?


Dr Frati is very highly qualified, not only has he obtained his Doctorate from the University of Roma, he is also a member of several well regarded industry organisations such as The Royal Society of Medicine, London (where he has been a guest speaker) and Highgate Hospital London.

Dr. Frati also has a wealth of experience, there is not much he hasn’t seen in the way of Labiaplasty. This is of vital importance when considering your doctor.

Furthermore, Dr. Frati uses cutting edge techniques that are at the forefront of the cosmetic industry world. When comparing Labiaplasty London or Labiaplasty elsewhere in Europe for example, Dr. Frati is able to offer huge benefits such as faster recovery time, less or no scarring, even down to his amazing aftercare work.

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If you are ready for the next stage in your labiaplasty journey, we would be happy to provide you help on advising you what to do next. You can call our London office on 020 3633 2619 Or full in the contact form. We can book you a consultation with Dr. Frati, and provide further advice on any confidence issues you may have, on Labiaplasty London prices and what to expect. You are in safe hands with Dr. Frati.