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Trusted by celebrities, influencers and TV stars alike, Dr. Frati of St. John Street, Manchester, stands out as the highly qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon to turn to for labiaplasty.


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What our Labiaplasty Manchester team can do for you?

Labiaplasty, or vaginal reconstruction, is an increasingly popular procedure amongst women in Manchester; be it due to physical changes such as those brought about by childbirth, sexual discomfort caused by excess labia or even a lack of self-confidence triggered by having more labia than what is generally considered “normal”.

Knowing that these worries can have a drastic effect on someone’s life and wellbeing, Dr. Frati takes great pride in his pre and post care routines when it comes to this type of surgery in order to ensure his patients receive the highest quality of treatment and spectacular results. By putting yourself in front of Dr. Frati’s experienced team at Frati Cosmetic Surgery, you can guarantee that your needs will be taken seriously and your safety always top priority.

With our specialist labiaplasty Manchester team, you can rest assured that we can provide a solution for you. If you are considering labiaplasty, and want to know more please either contact us for an initial consultation, or view our official page on labiaplasty.



How can Dr. Frati provide such a high quality service for labiaplasty Manchester?

Dr. Frati’s professional approach combines both compassion and skill with a wide variety of treatments ranging from simple reshaping procedures all the way through to more complex surgeries such as vaginoplasty or hoodectomies. The utmost care will be taken throughout the entire process; from initial consultation right up until full recovery so that you can feel comfortable knowing you are in safe hands.

Dr. Frati also has a wealth of experience, there is not much he hasn’t seen in the way of Labiaplasty, Manchester. This is of vital importance when considering your doctor.

Furthermore, the cutting edge techniques that Dr. Frati uses are at the forefront of the cosmetic industry world. When comparing Labiaplasty Manchester or Labiaplasty elsewhere in Europe for example, Dr. Frati is able to offer huge benefits such as faster recovery time, less or no scarring, even down to his amazing aftercare work.


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