Mummy makeover London by Dr, Frati.

Looking for a Mummy Makeover in London?  Dr. Frati is a world recognised surgeon, trusted by many celebrities and influencers in the UK. If you would like a mummy makeover in London then Dr. Frati is amongst the top qualified in the UK to do the job. Dr. Frati operates in London out of the famous Harley Street.


Mummy Makeover London UK

A Mummy Makeover is a bespoke cosmetic surgery that involve multiple procedures all under one setting. A Mummy Makeover will restore your body to how it was before you gave birth.

Having children is amazing, and a woman’s body after childbirth bares beauty in its own right, such as the sacrifices that are made by weight gain, breast feeding, vaginal changes etc. Fortunately, mummy makeovers offer a solution if you feel like you’d like to stay looking younger for longer – Dr. Frati is very proud to be able to offer Mummy makeovers in London to anyone who has the desire to alter any natural changes that occur to women when starting a family. It may be to keep alive your sex life, or to regain self confidence, even to be able to fit in this dresses you used to wear. Whatever the need for a mummy makeover, Dr. Frati has you covered.


What do Mummy makeovers in London cost?

This depends on what combination of surgical procedures you have done, some mummy makeovers are a simple case of liposuction and breast enlargement, others may wish for thigh and arm lifts, even a full vaginal reconstruction. 

Further to this, there are different types of each procedure such as breast enlargement size or whether you opt for traditional liposuction or vaser lipo

Dr. Frati will be able to come up with a personal price plan for you once he understands exactly your needs, and he will also be able to offer guidance on what finance options are available to you.


What do mummy Makeovers consist of?

Mummy Makeovers are a bespoke surgery where a combination of any of the following can be done: –

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Reduction
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Brachioplasty (arm lift)
  • Thigh lift
  • Labiaplasty (Vaginal reconstruction)

Dr. Frati will discuss with you in an initial consultation what outcome you are looking for from a mummy makeover, and this will help you decide what combination of procedures are best suited to your personal needs.


Mummy makeover London or go abroad?

London is the Uk’s capital city, and offer some of the best services in the world when it comes to cosmetic surgery. The famous Harley Street is regarded as being the place to go for all surgery requirements. If you want the best results, you go to Harley Street, London.

Mummy makeovers abroad are becoming increasingly popular because they offer a cheaper option than in the UK. However there is a reason why they are cheaper. Unfortunately European countries are behind the UK in terms of their technological developments, health and safety and experiences. When undergoing a life changing procedure such as Mummy Makeover it is highly recommended to stay in the UK. there has been hundreds of cases where women have ben made to fly home before the recommended healing times, or their not being enough pay relief after surgery. As a highly qualified and respected Mummy makeover London specialist, Dr. Frati highly advises against paying for a cheap body fix, if you do have any serious concerns please raise the queries in your initial consultancy and Dr. Frati would be happy to offer you his honest advice.

To find out more about mummy makeover London, please look at our official Mummy Makeover UK page, or if you are ready for the next stage which involves a private consultation please get in touch with Dr. Frati’s team via our London telephone number 020 3633 2619 or our generic contact form.

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