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Are you looking for a nose job in Manchester? Look no further than Dr. Frati Cosmetic Surgery. With years of experience, the talented and experienced surgeon that is Dr. Frati, is renowned by celebrities, influencers, and television personalities alike.

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What our Nose Job Manchester team can do for you

Dr. Frati understands how important it is to have confidence in your own appearance and strives to provide clients with the best possible outcome from their cosmetic procedures. Throughout his career, he has developed an exclusive technique that ensures the highest quality results possible. He specialises in open and closed nose jobs, and enhances beauty, symmetry, and proportion through innovative techniques such as nose job (or Rhinoplasty).

At Dr. Frati Cosmetic Surgery, all nose jobs are customized to each client’s individual needs and preferences with attention paid to details like skin elasticity, shape of the underlying structure, size of the nose, etc., so that they can achieve the most natural-looking results possible. As a board certified plastic surgeon with more than 30 years of experience in performing rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Frati stays up to date on the latest advancements in this field to ensure his patients receive a safe and successful procedure with minimal downtime or complications involved.

In addition to offering advanced medical treatments for aesthetic purposes, Dr. Frati also specialises in reconstructive surgery for noses damaged due to trauma or birth defects as well as post-accidental or post-cancer reconstruction of noses where required by clients who need these services in Manchester area or those travelling from other parts of the country for his expertise in reconstructive surgery.


How can Dr. Frati provide such a high quality service for Nose Job Manchester?

At Dr. Frati Cosmetic Surgery we value our clients’ comfort above all else and strive to make sure you feel secure throughout your entire cosmetic journey from start to finish – including pre/postoperative visits if required – with as much privacy as desired when discussing options & expectations prior to any procedure taking place at our state-of-the-art clinic located on St John Street in Manchester city centre which is fully equipped with modern technologies & tools necessary for safe & successful surgeries along with highly trained personnel devotedly working towards achieving the best outcome possible for each patient’s individual needs & desires regarding their appearance goals & objectives.

If you’re considering getting a nose job in Manchester then contact us today at Dr. Frati Cosmetic Surgery on 0161 327 139 so we can arrange an initial consultation appointment where we will discuss your expectations & desired outcomes before proceeding with a treatment plan suitable for you based on our knowledge & experience – backed up by continued research into cutting edge techniques – which not only fulfils but exceeds your expectations guaranteed!