best mummy makeover uk surgeon after he has operated
When looking for the best mummy makeover UK surgeon, there are many successful and very dedicated cosmetic surgeons who can provide amazing results with their Mummy Makeover UK procedures. However, one must never overlook Dr. Frati. Not only is Dr. Frati a highly experienced and knowledgeable cosmetic surgeon, but he is also renowned for his outstanding results in both breast augmentation and body contouring procedures. He has earned two nicknames – ‘The Boob God’ and ‘The Surgeon to the Stars’ – due to his impressive track record with celebrities and influencers who seek out his services.

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Dr. Frati takes a holistic approach to all of his treatments, focusing on improving both the physical aesthetic outcomes as well as patient satisfaction and comfort throughout their mummy makeover journey. He provides a thorough consultation process at the start of treatment so that he can understand each patient’s individual needs and goals, as well as any potential risks or complications that need to be taken into account during surgery.

Before any surgery takes place, Dr. Frati works closely with each patient to ensure that they are fully informed about all aspects of their procedure, including what to expect before, during and after surgery, the recovery process and any aftercare advice that is necessary for optimal surgical results. This attention to detail ensures that patients are confident in their decision-making process leading up to their mummy makeover surgery, providing them with peace of mind knowing everything has been carefully considered by an experienced surgeon like Dr. Frati.



A mummy makeover is an incredibly intricate procedure which combines several different operations in one session in order to achieve maximum results within an efficient timeframe whilst still minimising risk and downtime for patients as much as possible. The combination of procedures within a mummy makeover will vary depending on individual patient needs however some of the most commonly combined operations include liposuction, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), breast augmentation/ breast enlargement/ breast reduction/breast uplift or fat transfer breast augmentation amongst other body contouring options.

At Dr Frati’s practices in London & Manchester, he offers a range of surgical choices for mummy makeovers tailored around personal preferences for those seeking a boost after childbirth or simply wishing to enhance their look in general . In particular Dr Frati is recognised for providing exceptional results from mini tummy tucks ,breast lifts ,implants & reductions . The practice also offers non-surgical treatments such as lipolysis (fat removal) , skin tightening , laser treatments & fillers which may be used together with surgical ones if required.  Dr Frati’s team understands every individual has different goals & requirements when it comes to cosmetic procedures therefore they offer customised care plans that meet these specific needs.



With over 20 years experience working in plastic surgery, numerous celebrity endorsements under his belt (including reality TV stars!) and years spent pioneering new techniques within this field – there is no doubt that Dr Frati sits high atop when it comes to selecting your mummy makeover provider. His signature style incorporates natural-looking yet dramatic changes ensuring each client leaves feeling like they have achieved exactly what they desired from this life-changing transformation; leaving them feeling more rejuvenated than ever before!

Dr Fratis’ credentials speak volumes; having attained qualifications from University of Rome – you can rest assured knowing you are placing yourself in capable hands not just physically but emotionally too! His compassionate yet professional approach towards caring for patients helps them feel at ease throughout the entire process – providing reliable advice whilst respecting their wishes every step of the way; leaving everyone feeling cared for & secure in their decisions.

If you require consultation on Mummy Makeovers or any other surgical procedures, please get in touch, we would be more than happy to help.