Plastic SurgeryIf you are thinking about having plastic surgery, you have probably given some thought as to whether or not there is an ideal time to go under the knife. When you are planning on having plastic surgery, you need to think about finding a time that works for you. For example, scheduling a rhinoplasty months ahead of an important event makes a lot of sense to allow for healing. Similarly, planning liposuction before your wedding is a better idea than having it done after if you want to look your best in photos. However, it’s also important to think about the season. A lot of people don’t give the season a second thought when scheduling plastic surgery, but it’s something to consider.

Autumn and Winter Plastic Surgery

Though the season itself will not impact the results of your plastic surgery, it can make recovery and healing slightly less stressful. If you are having a procedure that requires a lengthy recovery time and a lot of bruising, you may want to think about having it done during the colder months. During autumn and winter, you will be able to hide an unsightly scarring and bruising with a jacket or scarf. This isn’t possible during the summer, as it’s a lot warmer and clothing is a lot more revealing. For example, if you are having a neck procedure you will be able to hide the healing with a scarf. Similarly, you will be able to hide signs of a facelift with a hat. Autumn and winter are also good seasons to have liposuction, as layers of clothing can hide the undergarments you will be required to wear as part of recovery.

Spring and Summer Plastic Surgery

As the months get warmer, people begin to think about how their body will look in swimsuits and more revealing clothing. It’s the time of year a lot of women start to consider breast augmentation and labiaplasty. However, spring and summer are generally less popular times of the year for people to have plastic surgery as healing and recovery is less easy to hide.

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