Liquid Rhinoplasty is also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty, which is primarily used to correct certain nasal imperfections. This procedure is commonly employed as a revision rhinoplasty after one or more imperfect rhinoplasties. Moreover, it can also be used as a primary procedure for noses that have unsatisfactory features resulting from genetics.

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What is Liquid Rhinoplasty?

The process of liquid rhinoplasty involves injecting a liquid using a syringe and a fine needle into the external nose, specifically between the skin and the underlying bone/cartilage. This procedure aims to correct any dips, divots, or asymmetries present in the nose and is often referred to as a “filler.” The results are noticeable and immediate, with no additional changes taking place.


Should I opt for Liquid Rhinoplasty or Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Liquid rhinoplasty, whether permanent or temporary, has specific limitations. It is not capable of improving any internal breathing issues, nor can it reduce the size of any part of the nose. Surgery is typically recommended when the nose is excessively large, with or without a breathing problem.

Liquid rhinoplasty, on the other hand, is preferred when there is a lack of volume due to genetics or if too much tissue was removed during prior rhinoplasties. It is a useful technique for enhancing the nose in such cases.

Every case of physical change is unique. If you wish to know which procedure is best for your personal circumstances, then your best option is wo reach out to the professionals who can asses your situation. Dr. Frati and his amazing team are just about the most highly qualified nose specialists in the country, and if you would like more assistance on this, then please give his team a call.

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Liquid Rhinoplasty Recovery

Liquid rhinoplasty, whether temporary or permanent, does not require any recovery time, and patients can return to work without any visible signs of intervention. The permanent variety is typically administered in stages, with six weeks between each injection of micro-droplets to achieve the desired end result gradually. This approach is considered prudent for several reasons.

Firstly, using small injection volumes means that the material is less likely to be noticeable under the skin, making it more natural-looking. Secondly, during the six-week interval between injections, the patient can assess which areas need further attention and determine the amount required. Thirdly, since the permanent filler is not easily removed, it is crucial to avoid overfilling and ensure that the final result aligns with the patient’s preferences.

To save time, an anesthetic ointment is applied to the skin before the procedure, which can be done at home or en route to the office, 45 minutes prior to the appointment.

Since only a minute amount of permanent liquid is injected in a given area (0.02-0.04 cc), bruising and swelling are rare. Temporary fillers, on the other hand, are usually administered in one sitting to achieve the desired outcome. For more information on rhinoplasty recovery, refer to our rhinoplasty recovery guide.


Rhinoplasty with Dr. Frati.

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