Recovery Time After RhinoplastyThere are a number of reasons why an individual would undergo rhinoplasty surgery. This can range from medical reasons as well as cosmetic reasons but whatever it might be, it is surgery nonetheless. Therefore, it will mean that patients will be required to go through a recovery period before the area is completely healed.

The Recovery Process

In general, rhinoplasty is not a painful procedure and in many instances, patients can often manage the pain using over the counter pain medication. Despite this, patients should expect some form of pain as this is a surgical operation and that is something that they should consider from the moment their surgery has ended.

Following surgery, patients are advised to rest in bed while ensuring that their head is raised above their chest. This can help to reduce bleeding and swelling.

For a couple of weeks following the procedure, patients commonly experience a feeling of congestion and stuffiness that is caused by the swelling. During the first few days following surgery, these feelings can worsen but by the end of the first week, the majority of the swelling would have disappeared and many patients begin to feel better. As far as internal dressings go, they will remain in place for up to seven days after surgery while a splint will be taped to the nose to offer protection and support, this will also remain in place for around a week.

Of course, there is the physical aspect of the recovery process and many people might not feel comfortable in social situations. This is something that also has to be factored into the recovery period. As a result, after around two weeks, most of the swelling and bruising will have subsided and patients begin to feel normal and happy with their appearance. While there will still be a small amount of swelling at this point, it is not swelling that will be noticed by others.

The Healing Process

After two weeks, is still taking place as the bones can take up to six weeks to fuse back together and heal correctly. During this time, patients should avoid or limit exercise and vigorous activities. After around three months, the nose should be fully healed and look very similar to the final look that the patient wanted to achieve. However, the healing process will take time and it can take up to a year for all of the swelling to disappear and for the nose to be completely healed.


One important part of the healing process following rhinoplasty is the psychological aspect. The brain will need to integrate the new look into the self-image which is common. This can take several months but in time, the healing process comes to an end and patients can enjoy their new look and appearance.

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