How much does a breast reduction cost?

This varies dependent on the type f breast reduction procedure you require, and can be further discussed at your initial consultation with Dr. Frati. Rough prices can be from around £7,500.


Is breast reduction surgery risky?

All surgery is risky. Whilst great steps have been taken to minimise rick, there still lies possibility of unlikely occurrences happening such as infection of the operated area or a reaction to anaesthesia. Dr . Frati specialises in modern techniques which can result in shorter revery time and less scarring, this in turn creates a less risky procedure for his patients. It is important to consider this factor when choosing your surgeon


How long is breast reduction surgery recovery?

One can expect to return to light activities by 2 weeks, providing they have rested well. More strenuous activities may be able to be undergone by around 6-8 weeks


How long does breast reduction surgery take?

2-4 hours is a rough guideline for breast reduction surgery, but it is dependant on the complexity of your procedure.