How much does Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Cost?

This all depends on what type of fat transfer breast augmentation procedure you opt for, after initial consultation with Dr. Frati. the price varies, but one can expect prices to start from around £6,000.


Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Risky?

Yes of course, as is all surgical procedures. there is potential for infection of the operated area or even a reaction to the anaesthetic. Dr. Frati specialises in minimising risk with his cutting edge techniques that leave less scarring and offer faster recovery time. when going under the knife it is important to take risk into great consideration, and Dr. Frati can help you with that.


How long is a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation surgery recovery?

It would be best not to try anything too strenuous before 6-8 weeks after your fat transfer breast augmentation. However light duties can be undertaken after 1-2 weeks.


How long does a Fat transfer Breast Augmentation procedure take?

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation usually takes around 2-3 hours to complete.