Recovery After Cosmetic SurgeryThere are many different cosmetic surgery procedures available and they all differ when it comes to recovery. Some are invasive while others are simpler and that means that the time it takes to recover can vary. So, how long is recovery after cosmetic surgery?

Breast Implants

Patients should expect to take at least 3-5 days off work as they will experience some discomfort following a breast enlargement. In a couple of weeks, patients will feel comfortable again while the shape and size will be completely apparent in around three months.

Breast Lift

The recovery time will depend on the swelling and bruising but patients should take around 3-6 days off work following a breast lift. Any bruising or swelling can persist for around 7-10 days but the final results will be fully visible in three months.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery involves the removal of excess tissue and fat but it does not involve manipulation of the pectoralis muscle. As a result, patients should take 3-7 days off work and should find that discomfort is mild.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck will generally require an overnight stay and in around one to two weeks, patients can resume a normal life. However, the recovery process will require patients to avoid heavy straining for around six weeks but in general, the final results are commonly seen in around six to eight months.

Bum Lift

This procedure and the recovery time will depend on where the fat was taken from as well as the pain tolerance of the patient. Patients will need to wear a compression garment for around eight weeks and they will need to avoid sitting or sleeping on the area for the same amount of time. The swelling can take time to disappear which means that results can take around four months to appear.


In general, the recovery time of liposuction is relatively short and after a couple of days, patients can return to normal activities. It is common to experience significant bruising for two weeks while patients will need to wear a compression garment for around six weeks.


For the first 48-hours following the procedure, rhinoplasty patients can expect to feel mild pain and during this time they should avoid activity and remain upright. After day three, any packing will be removed and on day five the splint will be removed. For around a week, the bruising under the eyes will be apparent and after a month the area will begin to settle. However, it can take up to a year for the end results to be seen.


Facelifts involve the manipulation of muscle and tissue and so, recovery can be significant. Therefore, patients should expect to take around two weeks off work although they should be socially presentable after two weeks. However, the recovery can take up to a month where the final end result is eventually seen.

After Care

Always consider that every individual is different, some recover faster than others, some slower.  In every case, the after care team at Dr Frati Cosmetic Surgery are famed for taking care of all our patients post procedure.  They are on hand to assist, answer questions and take care of you after your surgery.