Small Scar Breast AugmentationFor many, the thought of going through breast augmentation and being left with scarring is one that puts them off the procedure. However, things are not as bad as they might seem because they do have options as small scar breast augmentation is possible.

Known as the secret boob job, this procedure leaves very few physical signs which can make it appear as though an individual has not gone through with the procedure. This is now a procedure that is growing in popularity. Of course, one of the main concerns of cosmetic surgery is the scarring and while surgeons will do all they can to minimise scarring, every individual is different but this procedure provides them with an alternative. This relatively new procedure is designed to make the procedure more patient-friendly while ensuring that scarring is kept to a minimum. In most cases, the incision is no bigger than three centimetres and the surgeon will use a piece of equipment that enables them to insert the implants under the skin.

The Process

When the patient has the initial consultation with their chosen surgeon, they will agree on the right implants as well the size and positioning. Once agreed, the patient will undergo the procedure and this will take place under sedation or general anaesthetic.  

Then the surgeon will make a short, 3cm incision on the underside of the breast area. A ‘Keller Funnel’ will then be used to place the implant into the breast without the need of touching all while the surgeon has greater control over the procedure. Once the implant has been inserted, it will then be placed in the optimal position and then the insertions are closed.

Following the procedure, the surgical team will provide the required care while ensuring that the patient is satisfied with the final results and that the incision has healed correctly.

Are There Benefits With This Technique?

The main benefit of this technique is that it results in the patient suffering from minimal scarring and that means that it can be barely seen after just a few short months. In comparison to other procedures, it is one that can leave patients feeling more comfortable with the way they look due to the reduction in scarring.

As the incision is small, it also means that the risk of infection is significantly reduced while it can prevent many other complications from occurring that are seen in traditional breast augmentation. This can include biofilm formation which can result in capsular contracture and implant hardening, however, the risk is lower with small scar breast augmentation.

Finally, the recovery period is shorter as the procedure is less invasive. While the procedure is still one that is considered significant, as the incision is smaller, it means that the healing time is shorter and less pain is experienced by patients.

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