Revision Breast AugmentationAfter a patient has undergone breast augmentation, they might decide after several years, that they are not satisfied with the results. Along with this, following breast augmentation, problems can arise and that is something that can occur as an unforeseen issue that cannot be avoided and so, revision breast augmentation is required.

The Aim of Revision Breast Augmentation

The main aim of revision breast augmentation is to replace old breast implants with new ones and so, this can mean that patients will benefit from an improvement in the appearance of even change the way in which in they look. What’s more, it can also involve changing the implant material and so, this can include a concurrent breast lift or reduction, reshaping of the breast implant pocket in order to reposition the implant on the chest or increasing or decreasing the shape, size and style of the implant.

The Reasons for Revision Breast Augmentation

There are many reasons why an individual might decide to go through with this procedure by the most common reasons are:

  • A requirement to alter the breasts in size and this could mean increasing or decreasing the size
  • There could be some form of pain as a result of capsular contracture
  • Concerns could arise around the potential rupturing or migration of the current implant
  • A change of implant which could mean changing the implant from saline to silicone or even a different style of implant.

As time passes, breast implants can change in both their shape and size. Along with this, there can also be a change in the overlying breast tissue and so, that can cause a look that is less desirable than the original result. Along with this, many breast implants come with a lifetime warranty that is applicable to the implant device. However, after ten years, the costs of undergoing surgery to replace the implants are no longer covered. As a result, many women are now opting to replace or update their breast implants in order to avoid the cost.

It is also worth remembering that revision breast augmentation is not a standard or routine procedure and so, it is important that the procedure is tailored to the individual and their specific needs and desires. What this means is that the procedure should be carried out by a certified plastic surgeon who has the correct training and experience in all aspects of breast surgery. This will mean that they take into consideration the patient and their needs while ensuring the consider the health and wellbeing of all patients. This will enable them to create a surgical plan that will allow them to address the problems when the time comes to carry out the surgery.

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