Modern day costs crises, rises in foreign medical techniques and the ability to market to the whole world mean a Mummy Makeover Turkey is a fast growing industry.mummy makeover turkey results

As a nation that is changing its culture to wanting now, obsessive aesthetic behaviour and potentially cutting corners where necessary in order to become popular, or to clutch at a bundle of confidence straws until the next wave on insecurities kicks in, it is easy to see why women are becoming more desperate to stay young, and would consider venturing abroad for cheaper results.

We discuss the debate of whether it is better to have a Mummy Makeover UK or to venture abroad and get a Mummy Makeover Turkey. By taking both sides into account we try to conclude what the best options are to keep you looking youthful, for longer, safely.

Mummy Makeover Turkey vs. Mummy Makeover UK, initial thoughts.

Upon first thought, it is easy to see why Mummy Makeovers in Turkey are becoming more popular. A plastic surgeon is a plastic surgeon right? They are all different and there is always a risk which one you get. They all have experience, practice daily and perform on the human body on a regular basis. In essence you are getting the same service, but taking advantage of different world economies, and getting a cheaper deal?

However, surely surgeons in the UK are more up to date with modern industry techniques? And the UK has a more thorough health and safety procedure? Furthermore, the best surgeons get paid the best money? But the UK has a higher demand and can therefore charge more for procedures that can be done cheaper elsewhere?

Well let’s take a look at the research…

Mummy Makeover, Turkey vs UK Cost differences.

According to What Clinic, prices for mummy makeovers in turkey can vary from around £4000 to £18,000 depending on which surgery you use, and which combination of procedures is right for you. Considering the average price or a boob job in the UK is around £6,000, this can be looked at one of two ways, it is either really cheap, or it is too good to be true! In Turkey, there is less demand for cosmetic surgery due to cultural differences, and also as Turkey is regarded as an inferior economy to the UK, it is prices are generally lower across the board. However, with less developed economies comes less advanced technologies and less researched industries. Also, there is less costs involved in prescribed medication, based on availability, so aftercare may be a little more risky than usual.

In the UK, Mummy Makeovers generally start from around £12,000, averaging out at around £18,000. This is a significant leap in costs. Advanced economies, increased cosmetic demand, and a better quality of procedure are all taken into account when analysing a Mummy Makeover UK. In the UK prices for Mummy makeovers include higher quality of necessities such as implants, and prescribed painkillers.

Overall, the cost of a mummy makeover is significantly lower if you were to venture abroad.


Mummy Makeover Turkey vs. Mummy Makeover UK Risk and safety differences

When going under the knife, you are taking huge risks. Cutting the body open, inserting foreign objects into the body, going under general anaesthetic, it truly is a life changing procedure – not one where you need to take more risks than necessary.

In the UK, you are statistically in one of the safest countries for undergoing cosmetic procedures. With advancements in the latest surgical techniques, also the actual surgical procedures themselves. No matter how good a human is at doing anything, they are still human. This means there is always room for error, and in the UK, with institutions such as RCS England and BAPRAS, years and years of university research has gone to minimising any human error. With simple strategies such as the requirement of checklists in an operating room, can minimise human error and create a safer environment. Furthermore, latest techniques allow for smaller cutting and incisions. This results in shorter recovery time, and less risk of infection. In the UK, should there be any issues with your procedure, there is plenty of available medicine to combat the situation. Finally in the UK once you come out of the clinic, you are able to go straight home and receive the optimum recovery care by resting, albeit in the comfort of your own home.

In Turkey, Mummy Makeovers are a riskier procedure. Although Doctors are all qualified, the ways in which the medical industry operates can pose larger risk to health and life. For example, out of date with western techniques can result in longer recovery times, and larger scars. Furthermore, once your procedure is finished abroad, it is more than likely in a couple of days you will need to get a flight home. This is very risky. Not getting proper rest can affect your recovery and cause further pain, and complications. In many cases, aftercare is just as important as procedures when it comes to monitoring risk, the time period for anything to go wrong is longer and is it easy to be complacent whilst the body is still weak.

Unlike a UK mummy makeover, painkillers and aftercare medicine is not as readily available overseas. This can pose a risk to health and quality of service offered in Turkey. There has been many a story of women in agony after Mummy Makeovers in Turkey, as medicinal care has not been readily available.


Quality of Doctors available for mummy makeovers in UK vs. Abroad

mummy makeover turkey surgeon

Both UK and doctors oversees, including Turkey are very highly qualified, they have all received PHD qualifications. How good a surgeon is at their job is harder to find out. Many surgeons in Turkey and the UK (such as Dr.Frati) work on excellent reputations, and any qualifications can be easily found online. There are several surgeons overseas of whom it is hard to find reputable due diligence on, and these are best avoided. In terms of quality of procedure, the difference between the UK and foreign countries such as Turkey, as mentioned previously, is the advancements in the processes involved in such procedures, failure to accommodate human error, and old fashioned techniques performed can be a real game changer in quality of service.

To summarise…

Benefits of mummy makeover turkey include:

  • Cheaper Price
  • Same quality of Surgeon (DYOR)

Benefits of mummy makeover in the UK include:

  • Far less risk
  • More advanced techniques
  • Less scarring and recovery time
  • Easier to do you due diligence on surgeons
  • Optimum rest time without interruption
  • No language or culture barrier


Taking in to account Mummy Makeovers in Turkey, or any other foreign destination are very much cheaper on price, it may also be said that you are getting a cheaper service. Although price is a huge factor in these expensive procedures, and a Mummy Makeover in the UK can cost 3 times as much, one feels that if you end up with permanent damage through the increase chance of problems when abroad, nothing is worth that price. Also, the fact that optimum recovery time can be interrupted by a 5 hour flight is also a concern. Dr. Frati cosmetic surgery offer much attention to after surgery care, as is the importance of it. To conclude, risk anything you want in life, but you only get one body – if you want a mummy makeover bad enough, pay the proper price for the proper service and you won’t regret it.

Dr. Frati’s views on the Mummy makeover Turkey or UK debate


As a doctor based in the UK, it is easy to assume Dr. Frati is biased towards the UK cosmetic surgery industry, however Dr. Frati, as an expert, and a reputable member of society, will always make a professional decision based on his knowledge and experience. If you wish to learn more about Mummy makeovers, and the differences abroad Dr. Frati will be happy to explain everything to you in an initial consultation, please get in touch with one of our friendly team.