Seen as it has no particular definition to its name, the question “What is a mummy makeover” is asked by many women. 

what is a mummy makeover procedure?A Mummy makeover UK is an ever-growing cosmetic procedure, bespoke to you, which consists of a combination of surgical procedures which aims to restore your body to the days of pre children. 

Remember the days before children when you felt confident in a bikini? How about those slender dresses you were able to don – sometimes without a bra? Or even just the confidence that you had when you were able to exercise regularly and keep in a great looking shape?

Bodily changes after childbirth are inevitable, in one way or another. Whilst the beauty of having children is far greater than anything one can ever wish for, and while the scars, stretch marks and sagging of woman’s body post partum can remain beautiful in its changed state, as it depicts the huge graciousness in how a woman has sacrificed herself for her children, unfortunately there still remains the memory of a time when she looked youthful, innocent and well kept.

Whether it’s a tummy tuck, a breast uplift, even a vaginal reconstruction; the mummy makeover is the perfect way to regain your former younger self to keep you living your best life. Get that self confidence back by booking your initial consultation today!


What practices are included in a mummy makeover?

That depends entirely on your personal goals and what has changed for you physically since giving birth. The beauty of a mummy makeover is that you can choose exactly what you want to be done. On your initial consultation Dr. Frati will be able to discuss this with you, providing expert advice as to what can be done to make you appear like you never even saw that second blue line on a pregnancy test. Potential procedures that can be included in a mummy makeover are: –

Breast Augmentation 

What is a mummy makeover without a boob job? Breast Augmentation can either be a breast uplift procedure to combat any drooping that has occurred after you have stopped breast feeding, or encountered significant natural weight loss; or even a breast enhancement, to add curvature and a more equipped boob to body ratio – an underlying factor in looking young.

Tummy Tuck

Everybody knows how growing something the size of a child in your stomach can change a tummy forever. The stretching can have lasting effects once baby has been born. Tummy Tucks are a prominent part of a mummy makeover which occur by making a cut across the body, hip to hip, and then any extra fat and skin is removed from between the bellybutton and the pubic bone. The abdominal muscles are all tightened. There are different types of tummy tuck, you can have a mini tummy tuck or a full one, the main difference being mini tucks involve a shorter incision; every procedure will be different depending on each personal requirement.


What is a mummy makeover without liposuction? Again this is a very common procedure in a mummy makeover, one my think liposuction is similar to a tummy tuck, however liposuction offers a different technique. Liposuction is based around a suction technique rather than a cutting one. Liposuction can also be used in other areas than the tummy, such as hips, thighs, upper arm, and flanks. Combined with some other techniques, Liposuction can be a defining procedure when conducting a mummy makeover.


Becoming more popular year after year. Labiaplasty aims to reconstruct any excess labia around your vagina, either after the sacrifices you make downstairs or before, if your natural beauty doesn’t quite fit with how you expect it to be. Labiaplasty involves trimming of labia and/or the clitoral hood to make things look and feel tidier down below. You may have embarrassing irritation, or an unpleasant sex life due to excess labia. Whether its low self-esteem or physical pain, labiaplasty is a great compliment to the more prominent mummy makeover procedures, and can really make the difference to your new body.

Arm or Thigh Lift

Another game changer when it comes to mummy makeovers is arm and thigh lifts. Both the upper arms and the thighs can be places where fat or excess skin likes to store itself after childbirth. Either liposuction, vaser lipo, or incisions and cutting can be made to ensure tidier limbs. With thinner thighs and arms, it can make massive differences to choices of clothing, irritation, confidence, ideal body proportion, or, when in tandem with lifting a few weights, a more toned look.


What is a mummy makeover recovery like?what is a mummy makeover recovery like with bandages


A Mummy makeover recovery will depend on a few factors, mostly the combination of procedures that are performed. Providing you rest well and drink lots of water, even a short few walks once in a while for circulation, light activities may possibly be resumed after 2-3 weeks. Many patients feel discomfort, tenderness, swelling, discolouration. Dr.Frati will provide medication to help with this. You may be offered a support bra if your mummy makeover involved breast procedures, or compression garments to reduce swelling.


It will be at least 6 weeks in where strenuous activities can take place. By this time most swelling and discomfort would be at a minimum. Finally, going to your follow up appointments is necessary for mummy makeover recovery. Dr. Frati offers an exceptional service which involves, before and after care. He will make sure you are happy with everything, and also remove any stitching and check over any scarring for infection.


What is a mummy makeover with Dr. Frati?


Dr. Frati offers a genuine care for all his patients. From consultation, through surgical procedures, to his articulate aftercare, you can guarantee he has your best interest at heart from day one. Adding to this, patients of Dr. Frati often see phenomenal results. As a trusted member of BAAPS, Dr. Frati has built this reputation over years of dedication to his industry, and has amassed many a nickname over his working career such as ‘the boob god’ or ‘surgeon to the stars’.


A Mummy makeover with Dr. Frati is essential for anyone considering this life changing procedure. Dr. Frati uses specialist techniques, not used by many, which can speed up recovery time and reduce the natural risks that come with mummy makeovers. If you wish to find out if Dr. Frati is the right surgeon for you, or you would like to move to the next stage, or you have a particular question for Dr. Frati and his team, we have Mummy Makeover London and Mummy makeover Manchester offices. Please give us a call on 020 3633 2619 or use our contact form, and a helpful member of the team would happily get back to you.