Under the muscle or over the muscle boob jobIf you are considering a boob job then you will be pleased to know that you have several options available to you. Whether you have had a discussion with a surgeon yet or not, you might be wondering what the difference is between an under the muscle and an over the muscle boob job.

While many people believe that a boob job is the same in every instance, this is not the case as the different procedures are designed to suit different needs and different women.

So, you might know what shape you want as well as the implants and the position but placing the implant in the right place will ensure that the right look is delivered. Along with this, it will also be determined by the amount of breast tissue you have as well as your body type.

So, what are the differences?

Over the Muscle

The Over-the-Muscle placement or sub-glandular as it is known involves placing the implants in front of the pectoral muscles. This means that they are placed between the breast tissue and the chest muscles. This can make a boob job stand out slightly more, especially those who have small breasts but it will give breasts a more rounded shape with more volume.

Following this procedure, it might result in patients experiencing less pain and discomfort while the recovery time might be quicker too. Along with this, the implants will also keep their shape during exercise while the fuller shape and appearance might be more apparent in those who have a lot of breast tissue to begin with.

Under the Muscle

The Under-the-Muscle or sub-muscular procedure involves placing the implants underneath the muscle as the name suggests. These muscles are located in front of the ribcage. The specialist will create a space between the ribs and the muscle for the implant to be inserted into. The result of this procedure will be breasts that appear more natural as the implants are hidden behind the muscle tissue.

This is a procedure that reduces the risk of rippling, capsular contracture, scarring and bottoming out. One other important thing to consider is mammograms and this procedure interferes with mammograms less than other procedures. What’s more, if women have a small amount of breast tissue to begin with then it can provide them with more natural-looking breasts.


So, it is worth understanding the difference between these two procedures as being informed can help you make a decision. Of course, your specialist will always discuss your options with you but it is always important to make sure you understand the procedures to begin with.  Contact us to book your free consultation with one of our experts and find out more.