Fat TransferIt is now possible to use the fat of a patient to fill in any irregularities and grooves that are causing problems for patients. Also known as fat transfer surgery, fat-grafting, fat injections and lipfilling, it is  procedure that is now immensely popular with those who are looking to deal with any cosmetic problems that they might have. It is now a well-established technique that is highly effective and achieves excellent results.

The procedure is used by those who want to deal with any aesthetic imperfections such as sunken cheeks or the disappearance of fat from the cheekbones. It can also deal with the problem of deep grooves in the face in areas around the mouth as well as the nose while it can also be used in areas around the lower eyelids and cheeks. However, it is also a procedure that is used to enhance the lips as well as this, it can also be used to smooth out any irregularities that might have occurred as a result of badly performed liposuction or injuries.

The specialist will access the required fat by using a limited liposculpture that will require one or several small incisions that are around 3 to 5mm in size. Commonly, the fat is taken from the abdomen and in some cases the inner thigh and the fat that is retrieved is processed by centrifuging, filtering and rinsing. This leaves fatty tissue that is pure liquid and is suitable for injection into the area that will be treated.

The fat will then be placed into the area via injection. To ensure that it is evenly distributed, small amounts are injected into the tissues as this ensures that the injected fat can benefit from being surrounded by healthy tissue. This ensures that the fat that is transplanted will remain in contact with the surrounding tissues so that they can supply it with oxygen and the nutrients it requires to thrive.

The Recovery Process

While the procedure is minimally invasive, it is common for some swelling to be experienced by patients. However, the swelling will usually disappear by the third day. By the end of the first week, patients can then continue with social activities which might require the use of make-up.

What Results Are Expected?

Patients can expect to see significant improvements in deep wrinkles and folds after fat transfer surgery. To add to this, any irregularities and dents will also be corrected while cheekbones, the chin and the cheeks will also benefit from the additional volume, leaving them looking plumper. What’s more, the skin that overlies the problem areas will also be improved and this is seen as a positive side effect. Once the body absorbs a percentage of the fat, which will be between 20% and 50%, the alterations and corrections will be classed permanent.

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