Free ConsultationIt is important to understand that a free consultation is nothing more than giving the patient the opportunity to identify what the process entails. Along with this, it provides the specialist with the opportunity to discuss a range of things with the patient and this could be seen as an opportunity to explore a number of areas that relate to the surgery.

A free consultation gives the patient and the specialist the opportunity to meet and get to know each other. For the patient, it is important that they also get to meet the specialist who will be carrying out the procedure.

However, at this point, the surgeon will take a look at the medical history of the patient as a way of identifying any potential problems and they will also discuss with the patient what they want and what they hope to achieve.

The specialist will then discuss the possible procedures with the patient, ensuring that they have a clear understanding of the options they have, the likely outcomes as well as any risk and/or benefits. They might provide you with photographic evidence of other procedures they have carried out to show you what can be achieved as well as ensuring that they instil confidence in the patient from the very beginning.

The aim is to gain a clear understanding of what the patient wants to achieve and so they will be expected to clearly articular what they want the outcome to be. However, it is also important that the surgeon manages expectations. To add to this, the procedure will be discussed in-depth and that will include discussing the recovery process and the outcome so that they can make an informed decision.

If patients are wondering whether any photographs will be taken of them or whether there will be any blood work required then this will not be the case. Most free consultations are about gaining an understanding of what the patient requires and how the specialist can meet their needs.

The patient will also be encouraged to ask as many questions as they see fit because peace of mind counts for a lot when it comes to cosmetic surgery. It is a big decision and so, the specialists will provide clear and honest answers to all questions, ensuring that the patient leaves well-informed and confident.

Finally, as cosmetic surgery costs money, it is common for payment plans and financing to be discussed as this is important for both parties.

The consultation should be seen as a way of the patient and the specialist getting to know each other while providing all relevant information to ensure that the right procedure, outcome and results are achieved.